Seven Tips for Female Breast Health

Breast health is a hot topic, and if we're honest with ourselves, thinking about it can seem a little scary. Hundreds of thousands of women each year are faced with new breast health concerns, and in some ways, those overwhelming numbers make the topic feel like the elephant in the room.

Seven simple ways to promote breast health

1. Know your body

Many experts recommend breast self-awareness over the self-exams of the past. The concept of self-awareness sounds much less formal, but the goal is similar—to thoroughly know your breasts.

2. Watch your weight

Maintaining a healthy weight contributes to better health overall, including reduced risk of heart health concerns and more energy, but it also plays a role in the health of a woman's breasts.

3. Eat nutritious foods

A nutritious daily diet contributes to people's weight, but that isn't the only motive that makes it essential for breast care. Eating a diet rich in a diverse range of real, wholesome foods is the best way to make sure nutritional needs are met every day.

This type of diet provides a broad range of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and polyphenols, all of which support well-being.

4. Exercise every day

Women who exercise regularly are 25 percent less likely to have breast health worries. Exercise also helps preserve bone mass and a healthy weight.

5. Don't smoke

Quitting smoking is difficult for most smokers, but it is well worth the determination. The challenges a person faces on this journey to stop smoking are better to face now instead of the health challenges that could come later.

In addition to the many well-known risks of smoking for people in general, women face some unique risks, including fertility and hormonal concerns, harmful interactions with contraceptives, bone density issues and heart and cervical health concerns.

6. Drink less alcohol

When paired with diet and exercise, drinking a glass of red wine each day may benefit a person's health, but heavier drinking can lead to problems in several areas of health and affect the immune system.

While having an occasional glass of wine may not be harmful, keep your daily intake low for better health. You can also get the benefits of resveratrol, an essential antioxidant found in red wine believed to contribute to many of its health benefits, from resveratrol supplements instead.

7. Reinforce your diet with breast health vitamins & supplements

Certain nutritional deficiencies might contribute to a higher risk of health concerns, so if a person is not meeting the daily requirements of critical nutrients, fill in those openings with supplements. Also, antioxidants are potent free radical fighters that increase well-being in many ways, so adding an antioxidant supplement might also help.

Tips for breast health

These seven tips for breast health, including knowing your body, eating a real food diet, watching your weight, getting plenty of exercise and supporting your health with supplements, should be a part of every healthy lifestyle.

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