Women’s Health Commonly Asked Questions

Thinking you need to find out more about women's health? There is definitely a lot to know! The more you understand about how to take care of your health as a woman, the better your chances are going to be when it comes to experiencing good health. This is why it is so essential for every woman to make regular appointments with their doctor, as the sooner any health issues are found, the sooner they can be addressed.

Women's health commonly asked questions

The following is a list of some of the more commonly asked questions people have about women’s health. While the answers to these questions will provide many women with the information they are looking for, they are considered to only be a starting point when it comes to understanding certain health issues that are related only to women.

#1 – How often should I see a gynecologist?

Regular pap smears are very important to a woman’s health. Younger women should make an appointment with their gynecologist every year, with older women needing to go about every three years. An ovarian cancer screening should also be performed on a periodic basis.

#2 – Are menopause symptoms temporary?

While menopausal symptoms are indeed temporary, they will last anywhere from three years to upwards of 10 years. The official start of menopause is when a woman has not had her period in one year’s time.

#3 – Is my period normal?

Every woman is different, which means their periods are going to be different. Anytime a woman feels that her period is too heavy or lasts too long, she should make an appointment so she can discuss with a medical professional.

#4 – Is vaginal dryness common?

Occasional vaginal dryness is considered to be completely normal and tends to increase as a woman ages. There are lubrication solutions available to ensure that sexual intercourse is not painful when women are experiencing vaginal dryness.

#5 – What are the first signs of an STD?

Regular STD testing is definitely necessary for sexually active women due to the fact that sometimes there are no signs that they have a sexually transmitted disease. If symptoms do appear, they often include vaginal discharge, vaginal blisters, vaginal rash, vaginal itching and a painful or burning sensation when urinating.

Need any questions answered that are not listed above?

If you have any questions regarding women's health that are not answered above, we invite you to call us right now so we can provide you with the answers you need. It really is essential that you as a woman take care of your health every single day. As a woman, you probably have a lot of people depending on you, which means you are needed. You owe it to yourself to feel your best, and that includes making well woman appointments on a regular basis. Know that we are here for you if you need us, so please do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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