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What is Ovarian Cyst Treatment?

Ovarian cyst treatment is often necessary when a woman develops one or more cysts on her ovaries. The cysts themselves do not show any symptoms and therefore women do not even know they have them as they do not cause them to experience any discomfort or pain. But as time goes on, the cysts will begin to grow, and it is this growth that can lead to a woman experiencing various types of reproductive problems. Ovarian cysts are not uncommon as many women will experience at least one cyst growing on their ovaries during their life.

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

When ovarian cysts are not removed, they will eventually cause a woman to experience various symptoms that can either be mild or major. When a woman experiences any of the following symptoms she should make an appointment with a medical professional as soon as possible for a complete and thorough evaluation.

  • Any swelling or bloating in the abdominal area
  • Experiencing painful bowel movements
  • Experiencing painful sexual intercourse
  • Experiencing discomfort or pain in the lower back and thigh area
  • Experiencing breast tenderness that does not seem to go away
  • Feeling nauseous and/or vomiting and not understanding the reason behind the nausea

Ovarian Cyst Treatment

What might prompt a woman to need to have the procedure?

The reason why it is necessary for some women to undergo treatment for ovarian cyst removal is that it can turn into a medical condition in which there are numerous cysts growing on the ovaries, which can potentially lead to infertility. This condition is known as polycystic ovary syndrome and affects a woman's body by causing her to have higher than normal androgen levels. High levels of androgen can lead to a woman experiencing a number of negative health issues, including but not limited to infertility, sleep apnea, endometrial cancer, metabolic syndrome and depression.

When it comes to treating ovarian cysts, treatment options will depend on the size of the cysts, the appearance of the cysts, whether a woman is experiencing any symptoms and whether or not they have already been through menopause. There are generally two types of treatments used when a woman is diagnosed with multiple cysts on her ovaries - taking certain medications and undergoing surgery.

The most common treatment option requires a woman to take hormonal-based medications, like birth control pills, so she will stop ovulating.

Sometimes it is necessary to remove ovarian cysts via surgery. The type of surgery required will depend on the overall size of the cysts and will either be a laparoscopy or a laparotomy.

Are You Showing Any Symptoms of Having Ovarian Cysts?

Are you currently looking for ovarian cyst treatment because you are experiencing one or more of the above symptoms? The only way for you to know for sure whether or not you have one or more cysts growing in or on your ovaries is to make an appointment with a medical professional. We can help.

We understand that you may feel worried or anxious and that is why we invite you to call us now for an appointment. Stop worrying without knowing what you are facing. We can find out together what condition you may have and create a personalized treatment for your specific needs. Call us today.

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